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The name Pöllmann has been firmly established in the history of making double basses since 1888.

For our Master Contrabasses we exclusively use tone wood aged for generations. We purchase tone wood on a regular basis and therefore we have different wood species (spruce, fir, maple, poplar, walnut, willow…) as well as one-piece backs and also wood, which has been seasoned for over 250 years.

We work closely together with leading international Orche­stras and Solo Players to advance our double bass making. We create double basses in many different sizes and measurements and varying varnishes, both for use as solo instruments and in orchestras. As well as special models accor­ding to our customers´orders.

Beside the proven Pöllmann-Basses we offer copies of old master pieces. All models are available in 4- and 5- strings.

An additional service of our workshop is all repair work and complex restorations on double basses. You will find a choice of fine in­struments and accessories, when visiting us in Mittenwald.
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