Poellmann Contrabass

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The founder of the workshop was Hermann Alexander Pöllmann (1864-1937). In 1888, he founded his company in Siebenbrunn near Markneukirchen to concentrate on building double basses. His son Erich Max Pöllmann (1897-1963) grew up in the workshop and worked with his father from 1911. In 1920, Erich Max decided to open his own business in the house of his father-in-law, the violin maker August Ernst Voigt, in Jugelsburg near Adorf in Vogtland.

In 1940, E.M. Pöllmann moved back to Markneukirchen and received his master craftsman's certificate in 1944. Erich was known as an excellent craftsman. His basses are known for their great orchestral sound. Erich Max Pöllmann is also the one who started the fine ornamentation on the tops and backs of his instruments.

Günter Krahmer-Pöllmann, born in 1938, was the third generation to build Pöllmann double basses. He was the nephew of Erich Max Pöllmann and the grandson of August Ernst Voigt. Günter worked for his uncle from 1952-1959. After becoming a master craftsman in 1959, he left the former GDR and moved to Mittenwald in the Bavarian Alps, where he lived and worked until his death in 2020.

The fourth generation of Pöllmann bass builders is represented by Günter's sons Michael and Ralph. They also grew up in their father's workshop.