Poellmann double bass

Caution - Pöllmann Bass fakes "made in china" on the market - Caution

Pre-Owned Basses

PhotoNameYear of manufactureStringsPriceLink
EmperorEmperor20145-string, scale length 107 cm "D32.000.-View
EmperorEmperor20104-string, scale length 105 cm "D26.000.-View
GambaGamba19474-string, scale length 106 cm "E flat24.000.-View
CremonaCremona19904 -string, scale length 104 cm "D".24.000.-View
BussetoBusseto19806-string, scale length 103 cm "D30.000View
RossiRossi20014-string, scale length 106 cm "D25.500View
Special modelSpecial model20144-string, scale length 92 cm "D25.000View
Alexandria XXLAlexandria XXL20154-string, scale length 106 cm "D30.000View
Other basses
PhotoNameYear of manufactureStringsPriceLink
Pardini/SwitzerlandPardini/Switzerland20154-string, scale length 105 cm "D25.000View
Otto RubnerOtto Rubner5-string, scale length 109.5 cm "E flat26.000View
Viola da gambaViola da gamba4-string, scale length 105 cm "D14.000View
Alfred MeyerAlfred Meyer19274-string, scale length 105 cm "E flat18.000View
Alfred MeyerAlfred Meyer19394-string, scale length 104.5 cm "D25.000View
Blockless wonderBlockless wonder5-string, scale length 104 cm "D24.000View
F. Servant / GraslitzF. Servant / Graslitzca. 18204-string, scale length 102 cm "D48.000View
Placht/Vienna typePlacht/Vienna typeca. 18805-string, scale length 107 cm "Don requestView
Goth Franz/Meerane, SaxonyGoth Franz/Meerane, Saxonyca. 18805-string, scale length 106 cm "D30.000View