Poellmann Contrabass

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German Musical Instrument Award 2020
Pöllmann "Imperator" model

To the third time in succession the company Pöllmann the German Musical Instrument Prize won. The Contrabass model Imperator 5-string achieved in all evaluation categories Rank 1 and clearly set itself apart from the other participants in the overall evaluation. The warm and round sound with plenty of volume and radiance across the entire tonal range - and the very good playability, response and ergonomics were awarded the highest number of points by the judges. The instrument also received the highest rating for its excellent craftsmanship, choice of wood and varnish. Last but not least, the Pöllmann Contrabass "Imperator" also in the objective investigation the first place and showed No weak points.

German Musical Instrument Award 2007
Pöllmann "Imperator" model

The jury justifies the awarding of the prize to the double bass "Emperor" of the company Pöllmann with the elaborate production and the "excellent craftsmanship of the instrument".

The playability of the double bass was always rated "best" in every respect by all the experts. The jury rated the timbre and sound volume as very good, especially in the low and middle registers.

German Musical Instrument Prize 1999
Pöllmann "Busseto" model

The craftsmanship of the double basses was assessed by a sworn expert.

The model Pöllmann "Busseto" was ranked by far 1 set.

Bass Maker Competiton-Award Copenhagen 2012
ISB-Competition-Award 2005
ISB-Competition-Award 2003